Construction of the Black Isle Berries Bunkhouse moves on apace…

Following on from last week’s post, construction of the bunkhouse moved on at speed with the erection of the polystyrene blocks.  Once the blocks had risen above head height scaffolding was erected to provide a safe working platform and provided a new vantage point from which to take a few pictures.

The scaffolding is upA view from the scaffolding








The photo above right gives a good view of the polystyrene blocks and, in particular, the internal gap that is filled with concrete.  Once the gable ends were up it was time to bite the bullet and pour some more concrete.  Well, we thought concreting the floor had been stressful, but that turned out to have been a walk in the park compared to the walls!  First of all we had to source a supplier with a boom pump as there was no way a concrete delivery pipe could be lifted up to the wall heads manually. The next problem was the volume of concrete being pumped into the walls.  Unfortunately, some of the bricks proved themselves to be faulty; one second everything was hunky dory (although stress levels were running high) and the next bricks started bursting! Concrete pouring out of the higher levels of the gable walls was no laughing matter.  I think at that point the already blue skies turned a deeper shade as stress and temper levels went into the stratosphere.  I won’t bore you with all the details but the problem was eventually resolved and the concreting completed, although the whole process took far longer than it should have done!

The boom pump in actionRoof trusses 1











The next step was to get the roof on, which involved another large vehicle with a crane to lift the roof trusses into place.  At least this operation went smoothly!!!!

Roof trusses 2Roof trusses 3



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One thought on “Construction of the Black Isle Berries Bunkhouse moves on apace…

  1. Great to see the developments of the bunkhouse! Keep blogging! 😉

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